Academics and art in 2022

Academics and art in 2022

“Sky above me. Earth below me. Fire within me.”

Chinese proverb

Academics and art in 2022

In 2022, the following signs will do better with academics and art:




When it comes to those who were born under the days of the Tiger, the Intelligence Star in their sign will help them in everything related to learning, studying, teaching, researching, writing, etc. Monkeys might be also interested in mastering some new forms of knowledge and/or skills, getting a degree, finally writing that book, etc. Regarding Dogs, they will be very creative and eager to transform and design something new.

Accordingly, the year of 2022 will work especially well for Tigers and Monkeys in education and Dogs in art, design, and fashion. To boost their luck in these fields during the Water Tiger Year, they should spend more time (work, design, read, etc.) in Southeast.


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Academics and art in 2022

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