Twelve Zodiac signs and love

CHINESE ASTROLOGY FOR 2020 (10): Twelve Zodiac signs and love


Twelve Zodiac signs and love


During the course of 2020, the following signs will have good – or mixed – relationship luck:







In 2020, if you have Monkey, Dragon, or Ox anywhere in your chart, you might expect good relationship luck.

Since their love luck is improving, Dragons and Monkeys (day of birth) will have more relationship opportunities than other signs (for dating, engagement, or marriage). If you have Dragon or Monkey in your Month Pillar, this will beneficially affect your business relationships, promoting, networking, and bringing in more opportunities to meet helpful people.

When it comes to those who have Ox in their Day Pillar, their relationship luck is mixed and the overall happenings in their private life depend on whether or not they already have relationship issues. If they do, and if their chart shows that their “Partner Star” is clashing or harmed, they might go through conflicts and possible break-ups. On the other hand, many Oxen will enjoy happy times in their relationships and some might consider marriage in 2020.

Rabbits might find the sexual side of the relationship particularly important in 2020. However, since Rat year brings Punishment to Rabbits, they may be prone towards making some wrong calls when it comes to relationships and dating. Also, as they might become more interested in sexual experiments, they are advised to mind personal safety and protection.

Roosters are under influence of the Peach Blossom Star in 2020, which will make them more attractive and provide more opportunities to date, establish serious relationships, or get married. However, since Rosters’ relationship luck is mixed due to the Destruction they have with Rat, it is very likely that things won’t develop in accordance with their expectations. Accordingly, those with Rooster in their Day Pillar should count on a sudden turn of events in relationships and should be ready to deal with misunderstandings.


During the course of 2020, the following signs will experience relationship challenges:




If you have Horse, Goat, or Rat anywhere in your chart, you will experience more relationship challenges during the course of 2020. If you have Horse in your Day Pillar, you will find yourself to be more passionate, impatient, and impulsive, which will also affect your relationship. Since the overall development in your relationship is unpredictable, while some Horses’ current relationships may go through crises in the Rat Year, some other Horses could suddenly engage in new and very intense liaisons.

For those who have Goat in their Day Pillar, relationships might become a source of disappointment – mostly because Goats have to learn important lessons about trust and setting boundaries. It is very likely that relationships might draw away their energy and time, giving them a sense of unease.


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