Chinese Astrology for 2021 – Solution Finders

Chinese Astrology for 2021 – Solution Finders

‘A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind’ ~ Chinese proverb


The following signs will have increased capacities for finding solutions in 2021:



– solutions are found through charm and personal attractiveness


– helper, giver and protector


– true solution finder


– their presence inspires people to find solutions


– intelligent solutions


– solutions by design and creativity


Chinese Astrology for 2021 - Solution Finders

Chinese Astrology for 2021 and Solutions


When it comes to those born under the days of the Rat, their way of solving issues in 2021 is through intelligence and knowledge. While Horses will rely on their charm and attractiveness, Monkeys will inspire solutions with their presence and imposed authority. Tigers will show greater understanding and generosity, while Roosters will be natural at finding solutions; hence, if one needs a problem solver in 2021, make sure to find a person with the Rooster (or other mentioned Zodiac signs) in their chart!


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Feng Shui Guide for 2021

Chinese Astrology Guide for 2021


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