Chinese Astrology and Art in 2021

Chinese Astrology and Art in 2021


The following signs will do better academically and with the arts in 2021:




Chinese Astrology and art in 2021

Chinese Astrology and art in 2021

When it comes to those born under the days of the Rat, the Intelligence Star in their sign will help them with everything related to learning, studying, teaching, researching, writing etc. Rats might be also interested in mastering some new forms of knowledge and/or skills, earning a degree, finally writing that book etc. When it comes to Horses, they will try to make their life better with beauty and art, while Oxen will be very creative and eager to transform existing things and design something new.

Accordingly, 2021 will be an especially positive year for Rats engaged in education and Oxen and Horses dealing in art, design and fashion.

In order to boost their luck in these fields, Rats and Oxen should spend more time (work, design, read etc.) towards the East, Northeast (except NE1) and/or West.


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Feng Shui Guide for 2021

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