Chinese Astrology and Changes in 2021

Chinese Astrology and Changes in 2021

Changes are inevitable, and this is a fact of life that the cells of our bodies know very well.

We are typically more aware of external changes than internal ones, mostly because external happenings are easy to see and feel (hot, cold, wet, windy, sunny, changing of colors in nature etc.). In contrast to external changes, internal ones are subtle and silent, and they often work on us in invisible, but lasting ways.

Through assessments of the Five Elements and Yin/Yang in the external (year) and the internal (the Elements, Zodiac signs and columns of our chart), Chinese astrology can help us understand various processes that work constantly in the background of our lives.

For example, a certain year can, “like” the four Zodiac signs of our chart, deliver a lot of good Stars to them; this is when everything in our life develops smoothly – and without greater oscillations. However, there will be some other years that will not act as friendly or supportive, and this is when we may experience changes with a small or a big C.

In Chinese astrology Ba Zi consultations, we provide our clients not only with information about upcoming changes, but also advice on how to deal with them. For example, one can just wait for changes to shake them (health, relationship, career, wealth), or one can take the initiative and administrate changes themselves!  There is some kind of solution for every problem.

Chinese Astrology and changes in 2021

Chinese Astrology and changes in 2021


The following signs will be under the influence of changes in 2021:





For those born in the days of the Goat, the Year of the Ox will bring disturbances, pressure and relationship strain. Since relationships in general will tend to get complicated for them, Goats might often feel misunderstood. The only way for them to benefit from the Year of the Ox is to remain calm and/or find some new ways to address their personal life (they could add a new quality to their relationship, going together to the gym, Yoga, or therapy etc.). Those born in the month of the Goat (July) will experience changes in their careers and business. While some Goats might consider changing their career/industry, others may benefit from finding different ways to run their business.

For Horses, the Year of the Ox brings lessons about trust and betrayal, and this is why they might feel unease in their relationships. In order to get through 2021 unscathed, they should be alert and careful, putting every important agreement in writing – just to make sure.

When it comes to Roosters, they will be very busy in the Year of the Ox, especially since their social life will expand. For single Roosters, 2021 also brings opportunities to date and establish a relationship. However, since they are under mixed influences, there will be a lot of uncertainty in their lives, although everything will be better for Fire Roosters and those with the Tiger or Snake in their chart.


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