Chinese Astrology and Health in 2021

Chinese Astrology and Health in 2021

Chinese Astrology and Health in 2021


In ancient China, the idea of good health was all about maintaining Qi – the life energy.

As good health is based on living in harmony with nature, this is where Chinese astrology Ba Zi and Feng Shui can help.

Both methods are about energies and cycles in our lives and our properties, helping us to find the subtle balance that oscillates between Yin/Yang and the Five Elements of our lives.


The following Zodiac signs should pay more attention to their health in 2021:






Rats, unfortunately, host the Sickness Star in the Year of the Ox year, so those born under the Rat day might find themselves fighting with occasional health issues. In order to improve and maintain their health, Rats should establish a healthier lifestyle and keep an eye on old ailments.

When it comes to Rabbits, they should pay more attention to their immunity; in such a way, they should consider using beta-glucans, echinacea, medicinal mushrooms and other immunity boosting herbs and formulas in their daily life. When it comes to Oxen, they will be more susceptible to digestion problems, while Goats could suffer from stress related issues, mostly headaches and digestion related ailments.

Regarding these Zodiac signs and Feng Shui, 2021 brings two great locations for all those who want to improve their health: Northeast and West. Accordingly, all those with the Rat, Rabbit, Ox or Goat in their charts should sleep or spend more time in these areas (as they should avoid sleeping in the Southeast and North of their home – or the bedroom).


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