Chinese Astrology and injuries in 2021

Chinese Astrology and injuries in 2021


The following signs will be more susceptible to accidents and injuries in 2021:

DRAGON –  accident prone

HORSE – physical harm

MONKEY – injury due to recklessness

RAT – Sickness Star

ROOSTER – cuts and bodily harm due to physical activity

PIG – injuries in motion

OX – injuries by sharp objects

TIGERS – injuries due to theft





Those born under the days of the Horse should be careful in gym, while running etc., especially in December and January. Monkeys could inflict injuries on themselves as a result of being careless, while Roosters should stay away from dangerous sports.

Rats should rest more, especially if they do not feel well; while they should also make sure not to ignore any early warning signs. Regarding Tigers, they should be particularly careful with personal belongings, since they might have issues with theft and robbery.


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