Chinese Astrology and love in 2022

Chinese Astrology and love in 2022

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet… The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.” Chinese proverb

In Chinese astrology view, one’s love life and personal attractiveness depend mostly on the Zodiac sign of their astrology chart, and specific Stars in these four signs (year, month, day, and hour). However, certain luck pillars and years can affect all these, and this is when we see that person’s love luck has been significantly improved during certain year.


Chinese Astrology and love in 2022 


In 2022, the following signs will have good – or mixed – love luck:

RABBIT – they will be attractive

HORSE, DOG, PIG – popular, many opportunities

ROOSTER – tempted by physical pleasure and affairs

In 2022, if you have Horse, Dog, Pig, Rabbit or Ox in your chart, this will reflect well on your love life.

Since their love luck is improving, Horses and Dogs (day of birth) will have more relationship opportunities for dating, engagement, or marriage. For Pigs, the overall development depends on whether they already have relationship issues; if they do, they might consider a new relationship. If not, they may enjoy the existing one more.

Rabbits are under influence of the Peach Blossom Star in 2022, which will improve their love luck, making them more attractive and providing more dating and opportunities for casual sex. When it comes to Snakes, since Tiger year will deliver them the Harm, they may be prone towards making some wrong choices and/or decisions.

The following signs will experience relationship challenges:

OXEN – problems due to own alienation

DRAGON – lack of opportunities, separations

MONKEYS – unwanted changes, instability

ROOSTER – looking for pleasures

If you have Monkey in your chart, you will experience more relationship challenges in the Water Tiger year. It is very likely that the relationships might draw away your energy and time now, overwhelming you with a sense of unease. Dragons will not only lack opportunities, but they could suffer due to estranged relationships and separations. Oxen could miss the joy that comes with relationship, due to their tendency to withdraw. Due to the destruction they have with the Tiger, Pig’s love luck will be mixed; it is also very likely that things won’t develop in accordance with their expectations.


chinese astrology and love in 2022

chinese astrology and love in 2022

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