Chinese astrology April 2020

Chinese Astrology for April 2020

Chinese Astrology for April 2020

April 2020 is a Metal Dragon month. The good news about this month is that Dragon’s Element is Earth, of the type that can control Water – hence it can check the spread or the strength of the virus. The Earth can also point to the possible breakthrough in treating the illness, but since the Dragon is also a reservoir of Water (and a member of the Water frame team of Chinese astrology), it also produces Water – especially in the first part of the month when it is still cold (coldness = Water Element). Since the strong Water Element sinks Metal (lungs), April 2020 delivers both good and bad news…

Who has to be especially careful in April 2020?

When it comes to the Zodiac Signs, those who should be more careful in April health-wise are born in the days (or months) of Rabbits, Dogs, and Oxen (self-protection, immunity, hygiene).

Chinese astrology April 2020

More detailed info about April 2020

 (Dragon month)

April is the third month of the spring and the warmest month of the season. In Chinese astrology, we commonly refer April as Dragon month; it starts every year around April 5th.

Dragon is an Earth Element Branch (Sign), and it belongs to the group of Signs known as “Storage Stars”.

Those born in Dragon day (and month) are typically firm, strong-willed, proud and rather obstinate individuals.

Dragon month is favorable for Roosters, Monkeys and Rats, hence if you’re having one of these three Zodiac Signs  somewhere in your Ba Zi chart, April 2020 may bring some favorable development to you.

On the other side, if your chart contains Rabbit, Ox or Dog, then better don’t start important ventures this April…

April 2020 is also a Metal Dragon month; it is especially favorable for Fire and Wood Self people, who might come to some financial opportunities. When it comes to romance, this month might work well for Wood Roosters (Day Pillar).

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April (Dragon month) 2020 in brief

Season: Spring

Starts: April 4

Ends: May 5

Main Element: Earth


Favorable days in April 2020

April 5, Tiger day (favorable for Dog, Ox, Pig and Horse; not good for Monkeys)

April 9, Horse day (favorable for Tiger, Dog, Goat and Pig; not good for Rats)

April 29, Tiger day (favorable for Dog, Ox, Pig and Horse; not good for Monkeys)

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