Chinese Astrology Ba Zi 2022 intro

Chinese Astrology Ba Zi 2022 intro

Each year is ruled by one of the twelve Chinese Zodiac sign, which alternate in their rulership, following the 12-year cycle (because there are 12 Zodiac signs of the Chinese Zodiac).


Chinese Astrology Ba Zi 2022 intro

The Zodiac sign which precedes over a certain year affects all four Zodiac signs of your natal chart. Depending on the relationship of the annual sign and the four signs of your Ba Zi Chinese astrological chart, certain years will act on various aspects of your life in different ways (auspicious, neutral, mixed, or inauspicious).

Moreover, since the auxiliary Stars in each of the twelve Zodiac signs change annually, this also determines the kind of luck each sign will have in certain year (good or bad; average or great). In such a way – minding that there are four Zodiac signs in your chart – while your personal life could be great at certain year (due to the influence of the good Stars on your Day Pillar), you may simultaneously find yourself dealing with career challenges (because the bad Stars might be affecting your career – the Month Pillar)!


Calculate your Chinese Astrology Ba Zi chart to find the four Chinese Zodiac signs of your life.

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Chinese Astrology Ba Zi 2022 intro

Chinese Astrology Ba Zi 2022 intro

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