Chinese astrology health

Chinese astrology health


Althea S.T.

Chinese Astrology for Health and Wellbeing

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Health. Balance. Wellbeing.

What’s the secret to being healthy?

The secret is discovering who you are and whom you are not. Once you know more about yourself, you’ll also know more about your strong and weak organs and the ways to improve your health, too.

Learning Ba Zi can help.

Even if you’ve never studied this art before, you can learn by starting here.

What are the typical health issues of your Self?

If you don’t know the symptoms and the cures, then how can you improve your heath and inspire others to do the same?



A few of the topics included are:

  • The importance of Health.

  • Yin and Yang in Your Body.

  • The Five Elements and Health.

  • Your Self and your Health.

  • How to recognize the imbalances in your principal meridian.

  • How to improve your health (food, exercise, etc.)

  • The Twelve signs and their health.


These pages hold invaluable information that can help you to find the foods, exercise stretches, and other ways that will ensure that you understand your body and health issues. Althea will shed light on your constitution and increase your chance to find balance and enjoy the life to the fullest!

Discover everything about your health and take the charge of your wellbeing.


Althea S.T. is a renowned consultant and teacher who specializes in Chinese horoscope Consultations and Certification Courses.

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Chinese astrology book

A Course in Chinese Astrology Ba Zi


Awards: MBS Book Awards of Europe, January 2018 

Full title: A Course in Chinese Astrology: Reveal Your Destiny, Harness Your Luck with Four Pillars

Chapters: 10 (+Glossary+Appendix)

Pages: 270

Illustrations: 50

Tables: 50

Charts: 50

Case Studies: 9


This is the only Chinese Astrology book you’ll ever need! 


Price: 30$

Shipping: $17

Approximate delivery time: 1-2 weeks for Europe; 2-4 weeks for the rest of the world


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