Life is like the boat

Does the uncertain frighten you?

In life, there are so many lessons to learn. Life can take us down so many physical, mental, and emotional avenues – all brimming with uncertain risks. Self-knowledge is essential for an individual’s health, balance, and relationships. By acknowledging the Patterns of Life and all its signs and recurring events, they can guide us to be the best version of ourselves. Having the right information and applying it when the time is right is a vital difference between success and failure.

At Althea S.T. Consultants, there are various types of
Four Pillars horoscope readings.

At the present time, all consultations are provided by the author of the awarded book, Althea S.T.

She is always on hand to help you achieve the best results in life and business ventures!

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Why Read Ba zi ?

Many times, we have been crossing the intersection in our lives. In many situations in life, we often ask if we will handle things differently.

Some issues to be solved:

Romance – will we meet someone? Are we suitable for marriage?
Occupational luck – what kind of work are we suitable for? Is it time to move on? Are you suitable to be your own boss?
Wealth – Can we achieve it?
Personality and overall luck – What do I like? Will I get any help from a noble person?

By understanding things better, we can make decisions that maximize our chances of success. Timing is everything. Know your odds and you can make better decisions.

All Bazi consultations need to:
Your date of birth, including your birth time