Twelve Zodiac signs and helpful people

CHINESE ASTROLOGY FOR 2020 (4): Twelve Zodiac signs and helpful people


Twelve Zodiac signs and helpful people


In the contemporary world, financial success is pretty much determined by our followers and how much they like our products and/or services. In such a way, having others’ attention, care, advice, contacts, and guidance proves to be vital – both in life and business. In certain years, the ‘people luck’ of a specific sign improves; this is when they can receive help and support which could change their life.

The signs that could easily get what they need from others in 2020 are:






When it comes to Oxen, they will be blessed with attention and help from the right people (especially males), but they will be also sought out for mentoring, advising, guiding, and supporting others.

With Monkeys and Dragons, they might get what they need through communication, going out, and participating in (or organizing) social events. For those born under the days of the Goat, although their relationship luck tends to be good it is also unstable. However, they will be still able to get help and find mentors and benefactors in the Rat year.


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