Twelve Zodiac signs and changes

CHINESE ASTROLOGY FOR 2020 (5): Twelve Zodiac signs and changes


Twelve Zodiac signs and changes


When a certain year “likes” your sign and delivers a lot of good Stars to it, then everything in your life tends to develop smoothly – and without greater oscillations. However, some other years might not be as friendly or supportive to your sign and this is when you may be challenged by things either big or small …

Knowing that changes are on their way to you, you typically have two options.

The first is to just wait for the changes to shake you and then choose the way to respond to them. The second one requires that you take initiative and administrate the changes in a certain direction; for example, you might consider altering your lifestyle, traveling more, or changing residence. Unlike waiting for the changes to come, initiating them is both a wiser and more proactive way of handling life.


In 2020, the following signs will be under the influence of changes:





Those born in the days of Rat and Horse will experience more changes in both their personal and professional life. Accordingly, the best they can do is to initiate the changes themselves. For example, they could do something differently in life and business, add something new, etc.

If you were born in the months of Rat or Horse (December, June), the changes will affect your career and business. Accordingly, the year of 2020 might be a good time for you to change your job or career – or to find some other ways to run your business…

For Goats, the Rat year brings lectures about trust and betrayal, and this is why they why they might feel at unease.


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