Twelve Zodiac signs and health

CHINESE ASTROLOGY FOR 2020 (6): Twelve Zodiac signs and health


Twelve Zodiac signs and health


When our health is strong, we can do many things.

When it isn’t, the majority of our energy goes into finding ways to improve it…

In 2020, the following Zodiac signs will have to pay more attention to their health:






Pig, unfortunately, hosts the Sickness Star in the Rat year and, hence, those born under the Pig day might find themselves fighting with occasional health issues. In order to improve their health, Pigs should establish a healthier lifestyle and avoid sleeping and spending time in the South and East locations of their home.

As with those born in the days of Pig, individuals born in the days of Tiger and Goat should also avoid sleeping in East and South during 2020. In addition, Tigers should pay more attention to their immunity and should consider using beta glucans, echinacea, medicinal mushrooms, etc. to support their immunity.

When it comes to Goats, they will be more prone towards physical injuries, while Rabbits should pay attention to their reproductive organs and protect themselves against STDs. Regarding Feng Shui, in 2020 Northwest is a great location for all those who want to improve their health.


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