Twelve Zodiac signs and wealth

CHINESE ASTROLOGY FOR 2020 (7): Twelve Zodiac signs and wealth


Twelve Zodiac signs and wealth


Although the overall wealth luck of each individual is pretty much determined at their birth, every single year also brings some new opportunities, helping those born under particular signs’ days to enhance their wealth.

During the course of 2020, the following signs will have good wealth luck:









When it comes to Oxen, their wealth will come from their enthusiasm, initiative, and others’ help. The positive Star in their sign will work particularly well for male Oxen and those in predominantly male industries (cars, tools, etc.), providing them with more opportunities to increase their wealth.

While Rabbits’ wealth luck will be pretty good, female Rabbits will do better – the same is true for those in predominantly female oriented industries. Also, the Stars in this sign are especially supportive of Rabbit entrepreneurs who might come up with ideas which can bring in wealth. For Tigers, the best methods they could employ to improve their own finances utilize the Internet, travels, and international business.

Dragons might enhance their own business and/or finances through employing their own creativity and artistic sense; the best financial prospects in 2020 are for Dragon artists and designers.

Goats will be blessed with good wealth luck (especially dumb luck: lottery, etc.), but unless they become very alert and careful in the Rat year, they could also face losses mostly due to misplaced trust.

Monkey’s luck in 2020 will be pretty good, while the overall success of Rats will depend on their ability to create great strategies and implement a plan B (or C) on a short notice.


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