Twelve Zodiac signs and financial management

CHINESE ASTROLOGY FOR 2020 (8): Twelve Zodiac signs and financial management


Twelve Zodiac signs and financial management


In the previous post, we have seen which signs are blessed with good wealth luck in the Rat year. However, the overall financial results of their activities depend on how well they will manage their finances:

RAT –  ability to generate savings, despite problems and losses

RABBITfinancial growth

SNAKE overspending and theft

HORSEgreat expenses and losses

OXgreat giver


Of all five signs, Rats have the strongest leadership ability and, if they play their cards well, they will be able to not only finance their debts, but also to make profits.

When it comes to Snakes, they should be careful when it comes to “get-rich-quick” schemes because they are under the influence of Robbery Sha, which typically brings about losses.

Oxen, especially earthen (Ji), will do pretty well in 2020 and some of them will experience a true financial renaissance.

Horses can get in the red both because of their generous spending and some unexpected expenses…


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