Chinese Astrology for 2021

Chinese Astrology for 2021 (1)

Intro – Chinese Astrology Ba Zi

Each year is ruled by one of the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs, which alternate in their rule following the 12-year cycle (because the Chinese Zodiac comprises 12 signs). The Zodiac sign that presides over a certain year influences all four Zodiac signs of your birth chart. Depending on the relationship between the annual sign and the four signs of your Ba Zi Chinese astrological chart, certain years will act on various aspects of your life in different ways (auspicious, neutral, mixed or inauspicious).

Chinese astrology for 2021

Chinese astrology for 2021

Moreover, since the auxiliary Stars in each of the twelve Zodiac signs change annually, this also determines the kind of luck each sign will have in a certain year (good or bad; average or great). In such a way – bearing in mind that there are four Zodiac signs in your chart – while your personal life could be great during a certain year (due to the influence of the good Stars on your Day Column), you may simultaneously find yourself dealing with career challenges (because bad Stars might be affecting your career – Month Column)!

Calculate your own Chinese Astrology Ba Zi chart to find the four Chinese Zodiac signs of your life.

Then read our posts to find out more about your luck in the 2021 Year of the Metal Ox.

Your Ba Zi chart

Your Ba Zi chart, also known as your Chinese Horoscope, consists of four columns, each of which contains one Chinese Zodiac sign.

Therefore, you are not just a Dragon or a Snake merely because you were born in the year of the Dragon or the Snake. Given that your Ba Zi chart shows four Zodiac signs (Branches) and four Elements (Stems), each of the four main aspects of your life depends on the luck of the Zodiac sign in the related column of your chart. Importantly, the reference point of your natal chart is not the birth year, rather the day of your birth; thus, everything that influences this column also impacts directly on your health and personal life. However, comprehending your Ba Zi chart requires reading all four columns: year, month, day, and hour, and understanding the relationship between your chart’s four Zodiac signs and the Five Elements.

While the energies we know as destiny are mostly set at birth, your life is also under the influence of luck, which brings changes, improving your destiny – or brings challenges that will last for a certain period of time. As luck works in cycles, each year brings specific luck that affects the person in distinctive ways, depending on the Zodiac signs and the Five Elements of their Ba Zi chart. Knowing the exact ways that each year will impact on you is important because it can help you prepare for certain conditions and situations. For example, when a specific year brings the Elements that your chart needs and the signs that associate well with other signs of your chart, then your overall luck will be improved. On the other hand, some years come with energies that can take away your money and impact negatively on your health, relationships and peace of mind.

To get a glimpse of what to expect in 2021, you should calculate your Ba Zi chart and then read our Chinese Astrology Annual posts!

We provide a limited number of personalized annual Ba Zi readings that can help you understand all prevailing annual trends, while also providing you with key information about the right timing and ways to make the most of 2021.

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