Chinese astrology for May 2020

Chinese astrology for May 2020

Chinese astrology for May 2020


May is a month that brings a big shift of Elements, because in Chinese astrology it is the month that announces the beginning of Summer, when the Fire Element starts gaining strength.

What happens with the Five Elements now is that strong Fire feeds the Earth, weakens the Wood, and exhausts the Water. Some of these happenings are good, but the overall effects are rather mixed.

On the one hand, Fire strengthening the Earth is good for the lungs, hence we will have some good news regarding people’s health and immunity. In addition, what is also good (for lungs and governments) is that both Fire and Earth are able to dry/contain the Water, and that Snake (as a part of Metal frame) also produces the Metal Element (good for lungs).

On the other hand, Fire (season) also weakens Metal, hence the strength of the lungs (immunity, resistance to the illness) will oscillate at best and we will have to help people with proper food and supplements, breathing exercises, etc.


Who has to be especially careful in May 2020?

When it comes to the Zodiac signs that are more affected in May, those born in the days (or months) of Tiger and Pig should be more careful health-wise (self-protection, immunity, hygiene).


More detailed info about May 2020

(Snake month)

In Chinese astrology, May is the first month of the summer. We commonly refer May as Snake month; it starts every year around May 5th.

Snake is the Fire Element Branch (Sign), and it belongs to the group of Signs known as “Traveling Stars”.

Those born in Snake day (or month) are typically enigmatic beings who always keep a few secrets and who like mysteries and travels.

Snake month is favorable for Roosters, Oxen and Monkeys, hence if you’re having one of these three Branches somewhere in your Ba Zi chart, May 2020 might bring some favorable development to you.

On the other side, if your chart contains Pig or Tiger, then better not start important ventures this April…

May 2020 is a Metal Snake month; it is especially favorable for Fire and Water individuals, who might come to some financial opportunities. When it comes to romance, this month might work well for Fire Monkeys (Day Pillar).

To calculate your chart (free), just follow the link:


May (Snake month) 2020 in brief

Season: Summer

Starts: May 5

Ends: June 5

Main Element: Fire

Nobleman month for: Water Self individuals

Sky Horse month for: Pigs, Rabbits and Goats

Intelligence Star month for: Jia Self people


Favorable days in May 2020

May 12, Rabbit day (favorable for Pig, Goat, Dog and Monkey; not good for Roosters)

May 24, Rabbit day (favorable for Pig, Goat, Dog and Monkey; not good for Roosters)

May 27, Horse day (favorable for Tiger, Dog, Goat and Pig; not good for Rats)


* The meaning of Nobleman, Sky Horse, Intelligence Star and Peach Blossom Star

– Nobleman Star brings people willing to help, benefactors and teachers.

– Sky Horse is favorable for moving, trips and dealing with foreign countries.

– Intelligence Star will add sharpness and resourcefulness to one’s life.

– Peach Blossom Star is good for personal charm, popularity and dating.


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