Chinese Astrology and Love in 2021

Chinese Astrology and Love in 2021


“Different flowers match different eyes” ~ Chinese proverb

In certain years we may easily spot the flowers we like, as we may perceive them as the most desirable and beautiful ones.

In the view of Chinese astrology, this depends mostly on the Stars in the Zodiac sign of your birth day (during the course of a certain year), and your sign’s relationship with the year in question.


In 2021, the following signs will have good – or mixed – luck in love:

TIGER – they will be attractive, especially male Tigers

HORSE – tempted by physical pleasure & affairs

ROOSTER – popular, many opportunities

SNAKE – intriguing and popular

RAT – enjoying an existing relationship

If you have the Snake, Horse, Rooster, Tiger or Rat in your chart, this will reflect well on your love life in 2021.

As their fortune in love is improving, Snakes and Roosters (day of birth) will have more relationship opportunities for dating, engagement or marriage (the Rooster’s relationship luck will be more changeable compared to the Snake’s). For Rats, overall development depends on whether they already have relationship issues; if they do, they might consider a new relationship. If not, they may enjoy their existing relationship even more.

Horses are under the influence of the Peach Blossom Star in 2021, which will improve their luck in love, making them more attractive and providing more dating and opportunities for casual sex. However, since the Year of the Ox will also bring them the potential for harm, Horses may be prone to making some erroneous decisions that can jeopardize existing relationships.


Chinese Astrology and Love in 2021


The following signs will experience relationship challenges in 2021:

DOG – problems due to their own pettiness and alienation

RABBIT – lack of opportunities, separations

GOAT – unwanted changes, instability

DRAGON – unexpected developments

If you have the Goat in your chart, you will experience more relationship challenges in the Year of the Metal Ox. It is highly likely that relationships might now drain your energy and time, overwhelming you with a sense of unease. Rabbits won’t only lack opportunities, but could also suffer due to estranged relationships and separations. Dogs could miss the joy that comes with relationships, due to their tendency to withdraw. As a result of the destruction they have with the Ox, Dragons will have mixed luck in love; it is also very likely that things won’t develop in accordance with their expectations.

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