Destiny and Luck




small groups & PRIVATE SESSIONS 

What if you could grasp the Life’s deepest mysteries?

Master the knowledge about human potentials and the ways the time influence one’s private life and business?

Improve your understanding of the current developments and future implications of certain decisions?

Would you like to learn the skill which will enable you to anticipate and understand one’s ups and downs in life? All the experiences and lessons a person has to go through? Grasp the ways one can speed up own progress? Start coaching others towards making the best decisions for themselves…?

If you are interested in grasping one’s life path and most important lectures; if you want to help others to understand and improve their  health, relationship and career and find the source of their happiness; if you want them to make the best possible decisions which will enhance their growth and development and help them fulfill their dreams… you can greatly benefit from Althea’s Certification Courses and Private Sessions!

Chinese Astrology School


Master the deepest secrets of human’s Life, in four levels:

  • Introductory Chinese astrology Ba Zi course

  • Intermediate Chinese astrology Ba Zi course

  • Advanced Chinese astrology Ba Zi course

  • Mastery Chinese astrology Ba Zi course


small groups and/or private sessions

Our specialties are the Chinese Astrology courses for small groups (2-3 participants).

We love your uniqueness, and we want to support it. This is why we also enable our students to learn in the best possible way – in Private Sessions – where you’ll have full attention, patient guidance and sharp supervision! Join us to start coaching others towards becoming the best possible versions of themselves! Drop us an e-mail to find more – or just to touch base. We’d love to hear from you!  

Chinese Astrology School Chinese Astrology School

Get amazing coaching skills based on actual knowledge. Decode one's Life Path and understand their abilities and limitations. Offer tailor-made solutions and advise about the right timing. And much more! Four levels, intense studies, certification program available. Flexible timing, studying in small groups (2-5 people).
Achieve great wisdom about life. Learn how to interpret the Ba Zi chart and anticipate the future developments in one's life. Help them reach their greatest potentials and become their best Self! Case Studies tutorials and certification program (4 levels) available. Flexible timing, undivided attention.

ask for your ba zi discussion, in all the area of your life, ask for yours today

Schedule your Chinese Astrology Ba Zi consultation with Althea, because in life, there is so much to learn, as there are so many paths to walk. Understand the potentials and limitations of your Destiny and find the ways to grow and improve your Luck. Understand the importance of right timing and make informed decisionsto tune in with the best flow of your life!

We offer Life, Business and Annual Ba Zi Consultation.