Chinese Astrology for Wealth in 2021

Chinese Astrology for Wealth in 2021

“The rich man plans for tomorrow. The poor man for today” ~ Chinese proverb


Each year has a distinctive influence on the wealth luck of the twelve Zodiac signs. While certain years bring new opportunities, supporting business growth and expansion, at other times the best we could do is just be satisfied with what we have and enjoy life as it is.

The following signs will be blessed with good wealth luck in 2021:






Chinese Astrology for Wealth in 2021

Chinese Astrology for Wealth in 2021


Snakes will be popular in 2021, and they can benefit from networking and profiting on their image and social skills.

When it comes to Tigers, their wealth will come from their enthusiasm, initiative and exchanging help with others. The Tai Yang Star in their sign will work particularly well for male Tigers and those in predominantly male industries (cars, tools etc.), providing them with more opportunities to increase their wealth.

Monkeys will be blessed with good wealth luck (dumb luck (lottery, gambling etc.) will be particularly strong); hence they won’t lack opportunities to advance in their careers and business (this is especially valid for those with the Monkey in the month column of their Ba Zi Chinese astrology chart).

When it comes to Dragons, females will do better than males, while the most prosperous will be Fire Dragons and those in predominantly female-orientated industries. Furthermore, the Stars in this sign provide particular support to Dragon entrepreneurs – who might come up with ideas that can increase their wealth.

The overall success of Roosters will depend on their ability to lead and make bold moves. They can also benefit from networking, marketing, sales  and all forms of joining forces with others.

Oxen wealth luck is not especially auspicious in 2021, but it is worth mentioning that they might enhance their wealth luck by employing their own creativity and artistic sense; of all Oxen, those engaged in art and design will have better financial prospects in 2021.


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