Chinese Zodiac in 2022 and travels

Chinese Zodiac in 2022 and travels


“One learns more from travelling thousand miles than from reading a thousand scrolls.”

Chinese proverb

Nothing can replace travels, because seeing new landscapes and meeting different cultures, can only enrich our life.


Chinese Zodiac in 2022 and travels


In 2022, the following signs will be tempted to travel more:

MONKEYtravels abroad

HORSEmoves around

RABBITactive, always on the move


In 2022, Monkeys might feel an urge to change something and refresh their life, plus travel is in their genes.


When it comes to Horses, they will not ask questions about the cause for travel and/or the destination, while the Rabbits will just be busy all the time.


Chinese Zodiac in 2022 and travels



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Chinese Zodiac in 2022 and travels

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Chinese Zodiac in 2022 and travels

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