Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2021 – financial management

Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2021


Financial management

In the previous post you could have read more about the Zodiac signs that are blessed with good wealth luck in the Year of the Ox. However, the overall financial results of their activities also depend on how well they are able to manage their finances.


– creates its own opportunities


– giver, but also susceptible to theft and losses


–  controlling finances through PR and marketing


Chinese Astrology Signs in 2021

Chinese Astrology Signs in 2021



– financial growth


– incapable of saving money


– spends on their lifestyle


– huge expenses


Of all the aforementioned Zodiac signs, Roosters have the strongest leadership ability; if they play their cards right, they will be able to end the Year of the Ox with a profit. When it comes to Tigers, they should be careful of “get-rich-quick” schemes, because they are under the influence of the Robbery Sha, which typically brings losses.

Snakes, especially Fire Snakes (Ding), will do pretty well in 2021, while Monkeys could go through a true financial renaissance, mostly due to lady luck herself. When it comes to Horses, they can get into trouble through their own inability to restrain from spending on themselves, while Goats will be troubled by sudden and overwhelming expenses (so they should always double their projected expenses when planning)…


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