Chinese Zodiac Signs and Disputes in 2021

Chinese Zodiac Signs and Disputes in 2021

‘All things are difficult before they are easy’ ~ Chinese proverb


The following signs will have more problems with others in 2021:



misunderstandings and other relationship issues


restless and aggressive approach


offensive speech


trust and betrayal issues


creates problems for themselves


irreconcilable differences, separations


disagreements Star





In 2021, Dogs might offend others by being inconsiderate and petty, which can bring hostility and unnecessary conflict. Goats will face more opposition and criticism, so they will have to decide whether to let go or waste their time and energy trying to be liked.

Horses will have to be alert and realistic, and they should not blame others for their own overspending and exaggeration – or misplaced trust. When it comes to Dragons, they will tend to create problems for themselves, by refusing to accept people and developments that they do not like.

While Roosters desire to be in charge, they can often create enmity with their own arrogance and/or imposing themselves. Oxen should be careful with all legal matters, and Rabbits will have to accept that some things do come to an end.


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