Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2022 and petty people

Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2022 and petty people


“There is gossip every day. But if no one listens anymore, the gossip will die.”

Chinese proverb

At certain times in life, everyone can become target of some mean, empty, and dissatisfied people who tend to project their anger on others.


Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2022 and petty people


In 2022, the following Zodiac signs are under the stronger influence of such energies:

HORSEendangered reputation

DRAGONthey step on others’ toes

TIGERpeople poke them from the back

PIGthey can be petty


In 2022, there is a Star in Horse sign that can create issues with their reputation, hence they should be careful when it comes to public appearances and image in general.


While Dragon can unintentionally step on others’ toes, provoking arguments, Tiger will be annoyed by others’ back-pocking.


When it comes to Pigs, they can, unintentionally, provoke and/or insult others with poorly chosen words.


Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2022 and petty people



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Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2022 and petty people

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Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2022 and petty people

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