Destiny, Luck and Free Will

Destiny, Luck and Free Will

Our Destiny (Ming) is set on birth and it covers not only our basic personality, intellectual capacities and bodily constitution, but also inherent talents and other capabilities.

In a way, Destiny provides the very basic material that might be sharpened and-or developed.

Therefore, each person’s Destiny is like the piece of raw jade that not only takes time to be fully formed but it may also require some cutting and polishing in order to reveal its beauty, shine and preciousness.

Our birth data contains all the relevant information both about our Destiny and our Luck (Yun).

Birth Year, Month, Day and Hour might be converted into Elements (Stems and Branches), and these Eight Characters distributed evenly into Four Pillars may reveal both obvious and hidden Dynamics emerging from interactions between different elements and polarities.

All these Dynamics, internal and external, might lead to quite predictable results, explaining indirectly Chinese view of Destiny as something rather knowable and predictable.


Improve your Luck

Improve your Luck

Accept the Destiny, improve the Luck

Evaluation of the current Luck cycle may point to the certain important matters, guiding the person of how to get the most out of the both existing and future circumstances and events.

It may happen that some paths are closed for certain person right now, but at the same time there might be some other paths that are still open, offering something else, but leading to the same fulfillment and happiness.

Knowing more about our Luck may be the base of many great accomplishments as it can point to the best choices, timing and other important information.

Luck is always following certain cycles and besides the 10-years Luck Cycles (Da Yun, big luck), there are also Annual luck cycles (Xiao Yun).


Feng Shui Characters

Feng Shui Characters

Don’t forget Feng Shui

We should not forget Feng Shui, because it is possible to ease life, get more support and significantly improve the overall luck by applying Feng Shui in our residences and commercial properties.

Finally, we must address our Character and Virtue (Dao De) together with Wisdom (Du Shu, education and effort). This is important, because we should improve ourselves constantly and invest in knowledge and developing our talents and skills. After all, we have to make an effort, to reach both success and fulfillment.

Dealing with our character might decide the final outcome of our actions. Therefore, it may be crucial that we address certain patterns that keep taking away our energy, attention and time.

Working on a spiritual development of our being is important. At the same time, this should be accompanied by reading, learning and solving problems. In such a way, facing new situations might lead us to the next level of our existence. Hopefully, we can live a life of  self-confidence, fulfillment and – happiness.

Life is always more

Life is always more

Life is always more than anyone may expect; we should live it up to the highest potentials




Ease your life by choosing the things that you might be successful in.

Be realistic about your potentials, find proper timing and put everything into action.

The concept of Destiny & Luck exceeds health, wealth and relationships.

Your life is an amazing mix of many different elements, which make your life story – unique and special.


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