Destiny and Luck


Destiny, Luck and Free Will


Our understanding of destiny, every dictionary definition, every conversation or even every common-sense belief you have ever entertained, is in reality limited, misinterpreted or distorted. There is more to destiny than a mere predetermined course of events that we can’t influence or change…

The part of our destiny is the Qi we inherit from our parents and other predecessors, which enters our bodies through the ‘gate’ closely related to the kidneys. It’s how information is transferred through the generations, how our bodies reflect our ancestors and how we can carry the sadness of our grandparents in our lives without really knowing what triggers it. In the same way, it is also possible that certain knowledge or skills can be transferred from some distant past, mysteriously skipping several generations. If your ancestor was imprisoned or fought a war, these kinds of inherited traumas and their associated feelings (anxiety, losing hope, paranoia, etc.), may well be transferred to their descendants (you). I saw these many times while practicing Regression Therapy and Family Constellations, long before I discovered Chinese astrology.

From the point of view of Chinese astrology, the individual’s life is not only about ancestral memories and genes; it is a mixture of vertical (spiritual) and horizontal (ancestral) energies, we know them as the Qi of Heaven and Earth. Although we inherit energetic imprints from our ancestors, we’re unique, our souls have their own signatures vibrating under the reign of Heaven.

We can see our basic outlines of destiny in a Chinese astrological chart. By utilizing the information about your date of birth, we can calculate the Ba Zi chart (also known as Four Pillars). This chart has specific patterns, we typically classify as destiny. Some people’s charts show more patterns, while others are peaceful like a mountain lake on a calm day. It’s not, however, the number of patterns that define the strength or limitations in your life (although the more patterns you have, the more complicated things can become for you, at times causing you to spend too much energy trying to resolve issues, leaving you with insufficient time to take good care of yourself, to grow and learn) it’s the type of patterns.

Some patterns really drain you of energy and demand so much attention, these patterns you experience as limitations, these patterns are part of your destiny. There are certain patterns you’ll keep repeating as mistakes, over and over again, causing you to become entangled in situations that bind you, until you break them, or become aware of their existence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do, is not to resist your destiny!

Your destiny shapes your dreams and creates your habits. At times, you know your patterns are not working for you, yet it feels as if you can’t do anything, but keep repeating them.  Also, sometimes you confuse your dreams and goals with your patterns of destiny, as you walk from the past to the present, without even knowing it. As stated above, some people are born with some unexplainable sorrow, others become fighters for justice, and still others feel the unexplainable need to help people or animals, etc.

Destiny and Luck

Our destiny also shapes our definition of success. For some, family is their greatest success, while others feel successful when they travel, help people, meditate, be by themselves, write, act, make money, manage others, give birth to children and many other things. Those achievements that we consider to be successful, depends on the patterns of your destiny.

Destiny is not a straight road, it’s filled with twists, turns, bumps and beautiful landscape, it brings challenges, together with opportunities. Some will experience it as hardship, and others will not be able to see beyond the limitations imposed by their destiny. At the same time, we are able to learn and transform the perceived lacks into advantages.






Luck in Chinese astrology is rather predictable, it’s closely related to time and moves in 10-year cycles.

These Luck Cycles are fixed time frames in your life, they start at certain age and change every 10 years. For example, if the first Luck Cycle started when you were 4, then your Luck will change when you turn 14, 24, 34, 44, etc.

Each Luck Cycle is different, and you’ll typically experience 6-7 Luck Cycles in your lifetime.

We can assess the influence of each Luck Cycle based on the Elements it brings and what those Elements represent to a specific person. The same Luck Cycle will not affect two people the same way, they’re unique. One person can face hardship and obstacles, while another will prosper under the influence of the very same Luck Cycle.

What is certain is that we all feel the influence of this change and many of us have noticed that certain years were very important in our lives. New Luck Cycles can raise sudden interest in educational or spiritual matters and some of the changes bring us what we need most, balancing both our charts and our lives.

New Luck Cycles can bring you the love of your life and/or cause the flourishing of your career.

You could sign an unbelievable contract or reach high levels of popularity in specific Luck Cycles, or you can find the cure to happiness and fulfilment. In certain Luck Cycles it is easy to grow and thrive, find a great home or business property and enjoy the wonders of Feng Shui.

In other Luck Cycles, you can just get more of something you don’t need, which can only bring you – problems.

For example, all of the sudden, you could notice that your friends and family have become hard on you, that they’ve changed towards you, ‘just like that.’ It feels that you can barely survive some of the 10-year periods, which might test all of your abilities! You could also become dissatisfied with your job, family life and even your looks. Some individuals experience breakups, separation or divorce upon entering a new Luck Cycle.

New Luck Cycles bring completely new issues to understand. You could go through experiences you’d never had before, and may feel lonely, isolated, cornered or trapped. Your children could start making trouble for you, or you may have to take care of elderly parents, sick relatives, or deal with your own health issues.

Certain Luck Cycles bring mixed luck, a lot of goodness and some hard times. This is when you can meet a new person or the love of our life, but also have to go through the pain of divorce and losing your home, explaining the new situation to your children, changing friends, etc. Hence, in some Luck Cycles, and also in certain years, you can get something new and also lose something old. Your life can suddenly get very complicated, some blessings, like establishing a family, can also come with challenges (like paying a mortgage).

Sometimes, your health will improve, but your career or relationship can become problematic. You can lose or gain weight, change your habits or develop new interests… all of these things can be clearly seen in your chart!

Luck is always following certain cycles and besides the 10-years Luck Cycles (Da Yun, big luck), there are also Annual luck cycles (Xiao Yun).

Destiny, Luck and Free Will

Life is always more than anyone may expect; we should live it up to the highest potentials





Ease your life by choosing the things that you might be successful in.

Be realistic about your potentials, find proper timing and put everything into action.

Your life is an amazing mix of many different elements, which make your life story – unique and special.


Free Will

Having a free will is not necessarily the opposite of destiny, certain things in your life can be predetermined, but still you keep your free will, meaning that you can make choices and decisions for yourself. Life happens to you, and you experience life and make decisions as part of the same process.

Of course, some of the inherited patterns (destiny) make you decide things too easily, or conversely, too slowly. To make a mistake, or to have a breakthrough, requires the same level of probability, which depends also on your knowledge and – awareness.

You have to know your limitations in order to transform them.

However, this knowledge requires either some serious engagement, (learning Chinese astrology, having a consultation, or going into therapy) and/or spiritual practice, Yoga, meditation, engaging in Buddhism, etc. All of these can bring deep insights, which in turn can release you from certain patterns.

Sometimes, you have to work hard, other times less so. Sometimes you’ll get a help which will ease your quest, and at other times your search will stretch through a whole 10-year Luck Cycle. What’s important is you’ll never know until you try, and even then, there’s no guarantee that certain patterns won’t continue to affect your life, albeit to a lesser extent…

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We can improve ourselves. We can work on our character and virtue (Dao De), as we can attain wisdom (Du Shu, education and effort).

After all, we have to make an effort, to reach both success and fulfillment.

Dealing with our character might decide the final outcome of our actions. Therefore, it may be crucial that we address certain patterns that keep taking away our energy, attention and time.

Working on a spiritual development of our being is important. At the same time, this should be accompanied by reading, learning and solving problems. In such a way, facing new situations might lead us to the next level of our existence.

Hopefully, we can live a life of  self-confidence, fulfillment and – happiness.


Feng Shui Characters



Don’t forget  Feng Shui

We should not forget Feng Shui, because it is possible to ease life, get more support and significantly improve the overall luck by applying Feng Shui in our residences and commercial properties.

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