Dog 2019


Dog 2019 Dog 2019



Due to the lack of positive stars in their sign, Dog’s luck will be rather average in the Pig year.

This will also affect their energy and overall mood; hence, Dogs might have problems with feeling alienated and lacking energy and enthusiasm. However, instead of isolating themselves, they should make an effort to spend more time with their friends and family, as they should be physically active. Having a good will is also important now, because this may be the factor that could make everything better for them.


Although their relationship luck is not very strong, Dogs will still have opportunities to date and enjoy relationship, especially if they have Rat, Horse or Rabbit somewhere in their Four Pillars chart. Among all five Dogs, the Earth Dog males stand out for having a very good love luck in 2019 (some of them might even consider tying a knot). The Pig year will also work well for Wood Dog females, who will be more able to find their match and/or enjoy their love life.


When it comes to their career and business, Dogs will have to make an effort just to stay in the game, while creating really good results will require more work (for those who have Horse, Tiger or Rat in their chart, obtaining success will be much easier). What really needs Dog’s attention in 2019 is their health, which will be very sensitive. Accordingly, since they will be prone to digestion issues, Dogs should ask for nutritionist help with their diet, as they should consider acupuncture treatment. They should also not forget to be physically active.

Year, month, day or hour?

Dog Year: People around will not show much interest in your endeavors.

Dog Month:  Career prospects are not particularly good, so it is better to keep a low profile.

Dog Day: Love luck is average, but it is still good for Wood Dogs.

Dog Hour: Pay attention to your children, because they might need your support.

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