Dragon 2019

Dragon 2019 Dragon 2019


In 2019, the Dragon’s general luck will be average.

Exceptions are Earth Dragons, who will be blessed with a strike of good wealth luck, while males will also enjoy in excellent relationship luck.


Accordingly, Earth Dragon’s finances will improve and those in networking business could get a help from powerful figures. However, all Dragons should be careful when it comes to finances, because they may experience losses – due to own extravagant investing and wasteful spending. The rule of thumb for 2019 when it comes to Dragon’s wealth is think twice before you make a decision that requires spending.


Regarding Dragon’s relationship luck, there is a star in their sign which will make them more appealing and which will bring more relationship opportunities. However, if they are already engaged, they should be careful when it comes to dealing with opposite (or same) sex, for their reckless behaviors can endanger their relationship.

 Health-wise, Dragons should take care of the chronic issues, if any, as they should avoid sleeping in Northeast or Southwest this year.


Year, month, day or hour?

Dragon Year: The people will not be very helpful this year, unless you have Rat or Monkey in your chart.

Dragon Month: Business-wise, be careful when it comes to risky ventures and avoid get-rich-quick schemes.

Dragon Day: This year will work well on your charm and looks, and it will bring relationship opportunities.

Dragon Hour: The year of 2019 is not the right one to chase your dreams…


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