Difficulties & Hardship Locations

Feng Shui for 2020 (11): Difficulties and Hardship Locations

Feng Shui for 2020 (11)

Difficulties & Hardship Locations


There must be some difficulties in our lives, because we need them to grow and learn. However, if there is a chance to avoid unnecessary hardship, it’s wise to use it!

In 2020, the following areas are the harbingers of difficulties and hardship:





Since East is the seat of notorious Star 5, activating this area in 2020 can bring about hardships, losses, and delays.

When it comes to South, spending time in this sector could bring slowing down; if you are not ready for such developments, it’s best to avoid South in 2020.

North 2 is the wrath of Tai Sui, which is typically considered as the area that brings conflicts, problems, and losses.


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