Flying Star for Helpful People

Feng Shui for 2020 (6): Flying Star for Helpful People

Feng Shui for 2020 (6)

Flying Star for Helpful People


We need others in our life (or business) because they ease everything for us.

These ‘’Noble people” can promote, protect, advice, and guide us – just as they can pass on their knowledge, boost our confidence, introduce us to the right people, etc.


The ‘’Noble people” areas at our home in 2020 are:





All three areas are great for harnessing the energy of mentors, coaches, and benefactors.

If you want to connect with these energies, then you should move your bed, desk, or favorite chair to Southwest 1, Northeast 1, or Northwest of the property – or any room.

Of all three ‘’Noble people” locations, Northwest will work particularly well for artists, writers, and all those who want to find a good agent and/or mentor. Northeast 1 is the right area for those who need active support in business, while Southwest 1 is great for coaching others and getting female clients and benefactors.


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