Metal Ox year 2021

Metal Ox year 2021

What to expect in the Metal Ox year of 2021?

2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox. 

In terms of the Five Elements, the Ox belongs to the Water Element season, while the main Element ruling this sign is Earth (winter earth). Accordingly, if your chart requires  the Water Element then you will have a good year in the Year of the Ox; but if Water is already abundant in your chart, expect a challenging year ahead. Likewise, those who were lucky enough to be born in the summer months (May, June, July) and who live their lives under the strong influence of the Fire Element can also expect relatively smooth development in the Year of the Ox.

However, apart from the Five Elements, the relationship between the four Zodiac signs of the chart and the Zodiac sign of the year in question also matters in assessing annual good fortune. Thus, if your four signs have a good relationship with the Ox, you can expect smooth sailing throughout 2021.

HourDayMonthYear 2021
GoatRabbitHorseDragon Ox


(Negative in 2021 )


(Neutral in 2021)


(Negative in 2021)


(Negative in 2021)


Sample Ba Zi Chinese Astrology chart and 2021

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When analyzing the influence of a certain year, we naturally want to know how lucky each of the twelve Zodiac signs will be.

Which signs will be more prone to health issues? Whose relationship luck will be better? Which signs should focus on academic achievements? Who will be liked and popular? Who will get help in achieving their goals? Etc.

Based on their relationship with the Year of the Ox and the Stars in their signs, we can say that those with the Snake, Monkey, Tiger, Rooster, or Dog in their chart will have good overall luck in 2021.

While average luck awaits Goats, Rabbits and Pigs, those with the Ox, Horse, Rat and Dragon in their signs will experience mixed fortunes and more uncertainty in 2021.

Metal Ox year 2021

Metal Ox year 2021


Twelve Zodiac signs and their luck in 2021


Relationship luck

Snake (fame)

Rooster (popularity)

Tiger (helping others)

Monkey (problem solvers)

Relationship challenges

Horse (overwhelming passion and desire)

Dog (offensive attitude)

Goat (opposition, changes)

Dragon (destructive patterns)

Ox (offensive, stubborn)



Monkey (financial aid, windfall luck)

Dragon (good for entrepreneurs)

Snake (ability to increase the value of assets)

Pig (business overseas)

Tiger (through males & leadership)

Ox (through art & design)





Rat (ideas, information, knowledge)

Ox (creativity, art, design)


Rat (possible worsening of existing ailments)

Rabbit (immunity issues)

Ox (internal organs)


Goat (huge expenses, losses)

Horse (spending on lifestyle)

Tiger (losses, theft)


Rooster (being in charge)

Rat (gaining power through influential people)

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