Monkey 2019

Monkey 2019

Monkey 2019


The Monkey’s luck will be mostly good, although it will be also unstable due to the influence of the Harm, which comes from the Pig. The good news is that certain auspicious stars will work on Monkey’s behalf, making them feel better about themselves and enabling them to find fulfilment. One specific good star will positively affect their property luck, which is especially favorable for those already in property business.

Among the all-good stars in this sign, one is particularly important – the Nobleman star. This star will make possible for Monkeys to find more easily the right information, honest teachers and generous mentors. The Nobleman star will work especially benefit female Monkeys, improving their social status and bringing outcomes that are more favorable in general.

However, the Pig year also comes with Harm; hence, not everything will go smoothly. The issues of trust and betrayal might appear out of blue; hence, the Monkeys should be mindful of the effects of their own actions and speech, as they should be aware that there might be others who might try to take advantage of their efforts. Accordingly, it is important to put everything in paper, especially when it comes to business.


Year, month, day or hour?

Monkey Year: You will win the sympathy of the people from the surroundings, but do not take others for granted.

Monkey Month: Do public appearances and ask for a help from females in promoting your business. Put everything in paper.

Monkey Day: You will feel good about yourself, and you will want to enjoy life more. However, do mind that active Harm could also bring disappointments.

Monkey Hour: Pay attention to your children, for they can get lazy.


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