Ox 2019

Ox 2019

Ox 2019



Ox’s luck will be moderate in the Pig year, mostly due to the lack of good stars in their sign.

However, since their blooming time is yet to come, Oxen could use 2019 to set the ground works for the upcoming betterment.


Regarding their health and overall wellbeing, Oxen will be prone towards mood swings, while females may also experience hormonal issues. The relationship luck is average in 2019, except for the male Earth Ox and female Fire Ox. For these two Oxen, the Pig year is ideal for establishing a lasting relationship and/or tying a knot. Health-wise, Oxen should pay more attention to own health in the Pig year, as they should be careful in traffic and when handling tools, since they might be more prone towards injuries.


When it comes to their wealth luck, it will be mostly average. The exception are the Earth Oxen, and those Oxen who have Rat, Monkey or Tiger in their Four Pillars chart; their wealth luck will be good. However, career and business-wise all Oxen should thread carefully in the Pig year, because they will be surrounded by troublemakers and people who might want to benefit from their wealth.


Year, month, day or hour?

Ox Year: People from the surroundings will not be supportive.

Ox Month: Your career and business prospects are average now, hence keep a low profile.

Ox Day: You will be prone towards mood swings, confusion and anxiety.

Ox Hour: Your children may be moody.

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