Pig 2019

Pig 2019

Pig 2019



Although one might assume that Pig’s year will work particularly well for Pigs, this is not the case in Chinese astrology.

Holding the title of the ‘’Tai Sui of the year’’, Pigs can occasionally find themselves caught in misunderstandings and/or disputes in 2019, mostly because others may get them wrong.


In addition, the overall development tends to be unstable for them, hence they will have to adapt quickly and change the course of the action appropriately. All these is particularly true for Earth Pigs, who will have some important lessons to learn this year, minding that 2019 is also their Fu Yin year.


However, there are still some good stars in this sign, which will provide Pigs with ability to resolve problems find help and improve their luck. When it comes to relationship, although Pig’s love luck is average in 2019, it is still good for female Fire Pigs, who might have an opportunity to establish a lasting relationship and/or tie a knot. 


Career and business-wise, Pigs should keep a low profile – unless they have Rat, Horse or Tiger in their Four Pillars chart.


Year, month, day or hour?

Pig Year: The people you will meet in everyday life might be unresponsive; do not expect to get a support.

Pig Month: Be alert when it comes to career and business; be ready to adapt to the changes.

Pig Day: Find the ways to improve your health and relationship.

Pig Hour: Your children might need your company; spend more quality time with them.

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