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Feng Shui

What is the relationship between Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui?

Chinese Astrology is a useful tool that might help Feng Shui practitioner to see the overall Elemental balance in the client’s Destiny.

Although it is not considered as an integral part of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology Ba Zi can help in finding the best site. It can also help us design the property and make the best possible internal set up.

In addition, Feng Shui can help us choose the best possible locations and personal directions for certain individual.

Chinese astrology for health

What is Chinese astrology view on health and the ways it can be improved?

Health may be viewed as the interplay of Five Elements and Self’s strength. What also matters is the presence and stability of the Resource Star and the strength of the Favorable/Unfavorable God.

Current Luck Cycle also plays important part in health evaluation, and we should never forget this. Certain Luck Cycles and years might bring the ailments that were never seen before, such as sudden blood pressure issues, allergies, thyroid problems, etc.

In such a way, only after seeing the whole picture it might be possible to give recommendations that might lead to person’s health improvement.

Naturally, the best results could be acquired with parallel application of Feng Shui.

Chinese astrology Luck


How can you explain sudden changes in person’s life?

Sudden changes might be caused by Luck Cycle or Annual afflictions (Clashes, Harms, etc.). Additionally, people with many Sky Horses usually attract quick changes.

I have also seen these kind of changes many times coming at the end of the ten-year Luck Cycle.




Chinese Astrology Love

How can you see love and relationship potentials in Chinese astrology?

When assessing love and relationship potentials in person’s Four Pillars, we usually look for their Wealth or Officer Stars. In the first place, we want to know if these Stars are present, is their quality good and if they are afflicted.

We also look at partner’s palace and its condition (Clash, Harm, Combination, etc.). This can provide valuable information about personal relationships and both obvious and hidden issues.


Chinese astrology business

Are there any ways that career and wealth may be addressed in Chinese astrology?

In career and wealth evaluation, we usually look for the month pillar and Wealth and/or Output element.

However, we also look for the influence of the Luck Cycle and the current year. In addition, we also have to assess the Five Elements/Gods that rule person’s profession.





Chinese Astrology Peach Blossom

Is it good to have multiple Peach Blossom Stars in your chart?

Peach Blossom Star makes people charming, attractive and likeable.

Person having Peach Blossom star might be also emotional, romantic, talented and socially active.

However, it is not favorable when person is having multiple Peach Blossom Stars. When they are under Clash, Combination, Harm, etc., that might bring emotional turmoil, sex scandals and socially related issues.


Chinese Astrology Wood

My next Luck Cycle is the Wood one; what can I expect then?

Wood Luck Cycle generally brings a lot of activity, especially if Wood element also sits on a Traveling Star.

However, the overall effect depends on how favorable this Element is for you. It is equally important whether it is involved in clash, harms, destruction, etc.


Chinese astrology Destiny

How to change something that seems destined?

Destiny is not carved in stone.

You can change who you are by changing your habits and the way you are doing things.

Chinese Astrology may help you to define what the issue is and where it lies. But, it depends solely on you what are you going to do with certain information.



Chinese astrology time

When is the proper timing for moving and/or changing career?

Chinese Astrology Life and Annual Consultations might provide the answer to this question.

Chinese Astrology Luck

How can I change my luck?

I believe in change and I believe that everyone can make himself a better person.

Moreover, it is in our power to contribute more to our community by using our talents and capabilities. We can also give away certain percentage of our income to – humanitarian causes.


You can also read, taking care of our health, activity and diet, as we can be nice to others and ourselves. Also, make sure to continue learning and improving yourself the time. However, if you feel that you are not able to make changes by your own, find someone to talk to, or just go to therapy.

Different methods might help you to find a way to progress, but the real change should always come from the inside.

For, the opportunities might be around, but you should be also able to recognize them!



Chinese Astrology for health, relationships and wealth

Chinese Astrology Consultations


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