Rabbit 2019

Rabbit 2019 Rabbit 2019


 The Rabbit has a special relationship with Pig – commonly referred to as Three Stages.

This relationship will work well for Rabbit’s social life in 2019, hence, this is a good year for them to be with others and socialize more. In addition, the Pig year is also beneficial for the Rabbits in search for help, support or guidance (hence, if they need help, the Pig year is the right time to look for it).


Business-wise, since they will be more appealing to others, Rabbits should focus on presentation, sales, networking, marketing, PR, advisory, consultancy and establishing new contacts. Although the wealth star in Rabbit sign will work particularly well for Rabbit employees (better job), it will also bring investment opportunities to business people.


The Rabbit sign also hosts the star, which will benefit these individuals’ strategic abilities, helping them to gain respect, improve the reputation and increase authority and power. This star will affect positively their leadership abilities too, as it will increase their chances to get a promotion. However, Rabbits should be careful when it comes to making arrangements and signing contracts, because there is also possibility of disputes.


Year, month, day or hour?

Rabbit Year: You will find the surrounding friendlier and supportive.

Rabbit Month: Business opportunities come through networking and marketing.

Rabbit Day: Relationship prospects are excellent; favorable times for Rabbits looking for love.

Rabbit Hour: You will get well with children and/or employees.

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