Rat 2019

Rat 2019

Rat 2019



The Pig year of 2019 brings some very good tides for Rats.

The good stars in their sign will enable an overall smooth development for them, particularly benefiting the Rats in marketing and predominantly male industries. Since this sign hosts the Nobleman star in 2019, Rats will more easily find the right information and get practical help – while good teachers and generous benefactors might also come their way.


Career and business-wise, the Pig year is a good time for networking; presentations and branding own name and/or products. The atmosphere is also favorable for establishing a new business and expanding the existing one, which will work especially well for the Rats having a Snake in their chart.


2019 will also benefit Rat’s charm and appearance, and although they might be at odds with others at several occasions, the year is still very favorable for their social life and making contacts. Certain stars will also affect positively their relationship luck, bringing the good news for singles. For the engaged ones, the time is right to enjoy the relationship more.


Year, month, day or hour?

Rat Year: The people you meet in everyday life are going to be more approachable and helpful, especially males.

Rat Month:  Career and wealth opportunities are there for you to take them.

Rat Day: You will feel good about yourself and relationship opportunities will be at hand.

Rat Hour: The time is right to chase your dreams…

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