Rooster 2019


Rooster 2019

Rooster 2019



The Pig year of 2019 will make Roosters very industrious, and it will benefit their education and mastering new skills. Although their luck is average, the Intelligence star in their sign will aid to their versatility and resourcefulness, hence they will be more able to find creative solutions and transform certain situations to own advantage.


When it comes to Rooster’s relationship luck, it is rather average – except for the male Earth Roosters and female Fire Roosters, whose luck will be very good. For these two Roosters, the Pig year is ideal for establishing a lasting relationship and/or tying a knot. However, since it is easier for them to break things now (than to repair), all Roosters should thread carefully when it comes to relationship.


Career-wise, Rooster’s ambitions will rise, but they should be careful about the execution, because it is important to stay in tune with regulations and laws. Due to the influence of certain negative stars in this sign, if they hadn’t be careful, they could be facing reputation problems and bad publicity, which might negatively affect their career (this may affect especially Roosters in media business).


Year, month, day or hour?

Rooster Year: People around you will mind their own business.

Rooster Month:  It is up to you to find the ways to advance in your career/industry.

Rooster Day: Your love luck is average. Sleep in North to improve it.

Rooster Hour: Make your children busy; help them to make use their abilities.

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