Space Clearing for Your Home and Soul

Space Clearing


Althea S.T.

Space Clearing for Your Home and Soul

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Clear you home. Calm your soul. Feel your energy soar!

Have you ever walked into a place and your internal alarm goes ON?
You can tell that something is wrong but you are not able to place what it is exactly…

Many times, what is wrong is the kind of energy within that environment: it doesn’t agree with you and should be cleared out if you intend to stay there.

  • Are you about to move into a new home or work premises, or you have just moved into the new premises?
    • Have you just experienced a major life change: separation, divorce, marriage, birth, illness or death of a loved one?
    • Do you feel reluctant to come back home and/or leave it once you get in?
    • OR for a while, you feel your life is not taking the course you would like to and you occasionally have a feeling that you are followed by a prolonged spell of bad luck, accompanied with the feelings of being stuck, helpless and confused?
    • For some time, you have felt weak and deprived of energy and focus thus, unmotivated about implementing certain changes in your life?
    • Do you desire to make a better connection with your home; you long to have this feeling of ownership and you want it infused with fresh, bright and vivacious energy?

If any of these situations apply to you, learn some simple Space Clearing techniques to clear both your mind and space.

Negative energy, like a doom sentence, is a known definer of bad occurrences, and though these things seem to be out of the reach of most people, you can take charge of your environment through Space Clearing. The benefits of Space Clearing are enormous, study this text to learn about these benefits and how you can easily conduct your own space clearing.


Chapters include:

  • Preparation
  • Invocation
  • Purification
  • Space Clearing methods
  • Energy Preservation & Dedication

Rejuvenate your work and home space today and set a calming tone for comfort and style. Don’t wait. Once you wipe your space clean, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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