Tigers 2019

Tiger 2019

Tiger’s luck in 2019


 Tiger’s luck in 2019

The Pig year will bring more activity to Tiger’s life, making them busy with socializing and initiating new ventures.

Since Tiger is the sign, which combines well with the Pig, this is generally considered as a good omen for those born in the days of the Tiger. In such a way, 2019 will improve Tiger’s relationship luck and it will work especially well for single Tigers. However, married Tigers should be careful in this regard, because their curiosity and reckless actions can put their long-term relationship and/or a marriage at risk.

Business-wise, Tigers will not be lacking wealth opportunities in 2019, and due to having a combination with a year, these may come through networking and cooperation with others. Furthermore, a wealth star in Tiger sign will work well for Tigers entrepreneurs – especially females and those in female related industries.

However, due to active Destruction, the Pig year will also bring some uncertainty to Tiger’s life. The tip for Tigers on how to get the most out of the Pig year is that it is better to start bad, then the other way around. Hence, if everything looks too perfect, it is better to take it slow and be reasonably cautious. In addition, due to increased levels of anxiety and confusion, it is also possible that Tigers can make some wrong judgments. Thus said, they should be careful when it comes to making important decisions and signing contracts, as they should be extra cautious about their personal belongings.

Year, month, day or hour?

Tiger Year: People may approach to you with opportunities; this will work especially well for Wood Tigers.
Tiger Month: Your career may have a boost this year; you can benefit from networking and sales.
Tiger Day: Your love life will be active; expect new opportunities.
Tiger Hour: The children will be very socially active.

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