Water Tiger year 2022

Water Tiger year 2022


When it comes to 2022, it is a Water Tiger Year.


Water Tiger year of 2022

Since Tiger has a good relationship with Horse, Dog and Pig, these signs will be blessed with good relationship luck. If you have one of these signs anywhere in your Ba Zi chart, then you should expect improvements in relationships in general. The aspect of your life will be most influenced depends on the pillar(s) these signs occupy.

To learn more about the Four Pillars of Ba Zi Chinese astrology, follow the link.

Regarding the signs that do not get along well with Tiger, their relationship luck will be bumpier.

The first to mention is Monkey because this sign clashes with Tiger (equals to opposition in Western astrology). Thus, if you were born under the day of Monkey, 2022 will bring you more relationship challenges; if you were born in the Monkey month (August), then your career will be affected most, etc. Knowing that some kind of a change is inevitable (for you as Monkey), you can either play it cool and wait for issues to emerge – or you can start planning how to initiate the changes in order to maintain control. In professional consultations, we always advise our clients to not only embrace the necessity of change, but also to plan and initiate the changes accordingly. One example of such changes is accepting a position which requires a lot of travel, because this will bring necessary changes, giving the Monkeys more control over their life.

When it comes to other Zodiac signs and their luck in 2022, those with Snake in their chart will have complicated relationships.