Zodiac signs in 2022 and disputes

Zodiac signs in 2022 and disputes


“When you aim at the rat, beware of the vase.”

Chinese proverb


Zodiac signs in 2022 and disputes


In 2022, the following signs will have more problems with others:


MONKEYmisunderstandings, disputes, and other relationship issues

PIGhe makes issues himself

HORSE – creating enmity with pushy attitude

SNAKEtrust and betrayal issues

DRAGON irreconcilable differences, separations

GOAT blaming others for own overspending


In 2022, Monkeys will face more opposition and criticism, so they will have to decide whether to let go or waste their time and energy on trying to be liked.

Goats will have to be alert and realistic, and they should not blame others for their own overspending.


Snakes will deal with betrayal and hurt, while Dragons should accept that some things do come to an end.

When it comes to Pigs, they will tend to create problems themselves, by refusing to accept the people and developments they do not like.


While Horses desire to be in charge, they can often create enmity with own arrogance and/or imposing themselves. They should be also careful with all legal matters.


Zodiac signs in 2022 and disputes


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