Ba Zi Astrology for Health (4)

Ba Zi Astrology for Health (4)

Your health is in your hands Yin Yang

Your health is in your hands Yin Yang

Your Health is in Your Hands

We are affecting our health daily in myriad different ways – with everything we do, and everything we fail to do.





People with Destructions typically develop destructive habits, eating late at night, overindulging on junk food, sweets, cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs.

People with Harms will harm themselves in various ways. One example could be a nurse who accidentally stabs herself at work, with a needle she has just used on a patient with hepatitis C, all because she is tired due toaccepting double shifts.

The influence of a Punishment is very easy to understand: you know what’s bad for you, but you keep doing it regardless, perhaps ignoring symptoms, not taking prescribed drugs, punishing yourself with too much food, idleness, etc.

So, in order to understand health and how to improve it, you need to learn more about your own patterns, and these can be seen clearly in your Four Pillars chart.

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