Ba Zi Astrology for Better Life (2)

Ba Zi astrology for better life

Ba Zi astrology for better life

Can one improve their own luck with their own efforts?

What is the ideal way for you to make improvements that will work the best for you?

Continue reading to find out more about how Chinese Astrology can help you to live the best life possible.


Ba Zi Astrology for Better Life (2)

Destiny, Luck and – Self

The Ba Zi Chinese Astrology (also known as Four Pillars) shows your Destiny and Luck.

The concept of Destiny is not only about your character, but it also encompasses your abilities and shortcomings. Destiny is also about your parents, childhood and youth, because you can’t change any of these. Destiny is also about certain patterns of your Life Path, created by Clashes, Combinations, Harms, Punishments and Destructions.

Part of your Destiny is your Self, which equals to your Soul.

Your Self is always one of the Five Elements…


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