Ba Zi Astrology for Better Life (3)

Ba Zi Astrology for Better Life (3)

Chinese Astrology Five Elements

Chinese Astrology Five Elements

It’s All About the Five Elements!

In Four Pillars Chinese Astrology, it is all about the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

When a certain Element dominates your chart, it directs your interests, providing you with both specific talents and certain types of issues.

The Wood Element makes people impulsive; with a strong Wood in your chart you will tend to make hasty decisions without too much thought. This tendency can result in losing time further down the track when you will need to return to certain matters, to deal with everything that was skipped or overseen in the first place.

Fire makes you passionate, but it also draws your attention outwards, causing you to become overly interested in being liked and gaining approval from others. Accordingly, you may tend to do the opposite to what you really want, in order to conform to others’ wishes.

When the Earth Element prevails, it can slow you down; you may lack initiative, delaying important actions to retain stability. (Earth is not moveable). Strong Earth can also make you possessive and too attached to your assets, inhibiting your growth.


Five ElementsMetal and Water people

When it is strong, Metal can make you cold and unyielding; you’ll tend to keep going on your path, ignoring red lights and other warning signs that are showing you that your route or time are not right. This Element is associated with holding grudges and making enemies, and these issues might cause you problems while also slowing down your progress.

The Water Element makes people changeable; you may find yourself heading in many different directions, dissipating your energy and wasting your time. When Water is abundant in your chart you have to work on establishing proper boundaries, to stop overwhelming yourself with irrelevant matters. It’s also important that you set achievable goals, otherwise you’ll risk turning into an unfulfilled and unhappy being!




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