Ba Zi Astrology for Better Life (5)

Ba Zi Astrology for Better Life (5)

Time in Ba Zi astrology

Time in Ba Zi astrology

Time in Ba Zi Astrology

Time creates changes.

It also activates and deactivates specific patterns.

While certain periods of time will deliver more challenges and hardships, others will make you happier. In addition, specific periods will allow you to realize your dreams and find fulfillment.

Thus, being aware of the types of experiences that different personal 10-year Cycles and each year will bring, is essential for your growth.

You deserve to live an informed life and to anticipate changes in order to be able to make informed decisions, which will eventually result in your failure or success. In addition to being aware of the impact that certain years and months will have, you can also reconnect with nature and cycles more easily, assisting you to do what’s best in a certain time frame!


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