Ba Zi Astrology for Better Life (4)

Ba Zi Astrology for Better Life (4)

You Deserve a Better Life – But Is This Possible?

Your chart displays it all; from the very beginning of your life to the very end. It shows your potentials, opportunities and challenges.

It also shows the various patterns of your life that we commonly refer to a “character”. With any destructive patterns in your chart, you’ll find that your path to achieving happiness, fulfillment and success will be a little longer, a little more difficult and will possibly include some U-turns.

Your chart has limitations. Every life has. However, it’s up to you to deal with them and transform them into opportunities.

The presence of Clashes, Harms and Destructions illustrates for us those areas of life where we need to focus special attention.

In Chinese Astrology, we look at an individual’s life as a complete whole; a continuous process of growth and development. Life is an opportunity for each of us to utilize our potentials and be recognized as a person, a lover, a partner, a parent, an employee or employer. Whether you are an author, a doctor or a property realtor, it is important to be validated for who you are and what you do.

This is why it is important that you do what you’re good at. If this also makes you happy, it’s even better! However, since we are all different, it is also possible that you may need to learn to love what you do and enjoy what you have. Your personal awareness of the inherent patterns that challenge you to give up your goals or persist with doing what is not good for you, is also an important step of your development. This gives you the option to change your ways and to make your weaknesses work for you.

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