Ba Zi Astrology for Health (2)

Ba Zi Astrology for Health (2)

The Five Elements and health

The Five Elements and health

The Five Elements and Health 

Each of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) affects a person’s health in very specific ways.

The Wood Element has an influence on the eyes and vision, causes ailments with both the fingers and nails. Problems with the head and neck, headaches, heavy periods and PMS issues can be also related to this Element. Moreover, an imbalanced Wood makes people irritable, tense and angry, as it can also cause addictions.

The Fire Element influences the heart and circulation. It relates to cardiac diseases and other issues linked to heart palpitations and hypertension. As an illustration, when the Fire Element is out of balance, it affects sleep and a person’s ability to control their emotions. Moreover, when the Fire Element is imbalanced, people will find it harder to forgive and love…

The Earth Element affects the digestive system, causing eating disorders, weight issues, sinusitis and gynecological problems. Also, when out of balance, it can make people over think and worry too much.

The Metal Element affects one’s vitality and immunity. It can also be related to respiratory issues, asthma, eczema and other skin ailments. Not to forget, Metal Element disorders are also constipation and problems with the bones and bone marrow. When out of balance, this Elements create sadness and can cause us to struggle with letting go.

A Water Element imbalance ca be related to urinary and kidney problems, hypertension, lumbar and dental problems. To point out, when out of balance, the Water Element affects blood and the reproductive organs, making us overly emotional, anxious and fearful.

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