Ba Zi Astrology for Health (1)

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology for health

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology for health

Ba Zi Chinese Astrology for Health (1)

How can one person’s health be so sensitive, while another person will have the constitution of an ox?

Is it possible to find the origins of specific issues in a person’s Four Pillars chart?

Is there anything we can do to improve our health?

There are always so many questions surrounding our health; it is our most valuable asset!

Good health is one of life’s greatest blessings and a beautiful gift.

However, once a person starts fighting with even seemingly simple health issues like rashes, bronchitis, migraines, heart palpitations, disturbed sleep, hormonal disorders, sciatica pain, etc., they will notice how their priorities in life suddenly change. This is because our health has an effect on every other aspect of our life: our moods, efficiency, our Love Life, career and overall achievements…

Use Chinese Astrology for health assessment: learn more about a person’s constitution and ruling Element. Calculate your Self because it matters. Understand the influence of the birth season and the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). Elements are important, because they define our constitution and show us our strong and weak organs and parts of the body. Moreover, the presence of certain dynamics in the chart can also help us to understand specifics and anticipate the development of possible health issues.

Learn more about Chinese astrology in Chinese Astrology for Beginners (Kindle).

Learn how to assess and improve your health in Chinese Astrology for Health and Wellbeing (Kindle).

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